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ABT Office Supplies Ltd

4–6 Evelyn Court
Deptford Park Business Centre Grinstead Road


About ABT and Kensington

Kensington's industry-leading computer accessories include the highly popular WiFi Finder, PocketMouse™Pro Wireless, StudioMouse® Wireless, and other computer input devices for Windows® and Macintosh®. Simple, clever products like FlyLight® and FlyFan® have set industry trends, while the MicroSaver® notebook security cable remains the industry standard, with a Kensington Security Slot built into virtually every notebook computer made today. Kensington also makes the SkyRunner® Contour, the first truly ergonomic notebook carrying case, as well as a complete line of ergonomic desk accessories, mobile power and connectivity devices, and much more.

Kensington is the technology arm of ACCO Brand

Apart from offering highly competitive prices did you know that ABT is an award-winning “Key Partner” of ACCO Brands Corporation (NYSE: ABD) one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded office products, with annual revenues of nearly $2 billion? Acco Brands markets its ' products in over 100 countries worldwide.

ABT has won awards with Acco every year since we started doing business with them. After ABT's very first year of supplying Acco Brands, ABT received an award for the biggest single order placed with Acco UK in 2004. ABT have since received a further award, in May 2006, for having recorded the largest percentage growth of sales of Acco products of any dealer in the UK for 2005. How did ABT do this? By giving value for money.

Our list of clients includes the Welsh National Assembly, the Welsh Library, the British Library, many universities, Police Authorities, the NHS, many PCTs, the Scottish Parliament, the Lord Chancellor’s Office, various government Departments, embassies, local and regional government bodies, the BBC, the RAF, The USAF, the British Army, many major defence contractors and many companies in the FTSE top 1000 index. Our client list is impressive but so too are our prices and service.

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